Friday, 29 June 2012

Shopaholic diaries giveaway

Two lucky readers would get the following awesome goodies (1 each ) -
  • Polka Dots Bag / Denim Bag 
  • ACCESSORIZE earrings
  • LOTUS Herbals Lip Balms
  • ELLE Polka Dots Scarf
  • Click here

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Polished criminals giveaway!

Polished Criminals is giving away these awesome polishes!
Giveaway ends: June 30th,2012

Giveaway lifestyle giveaway!

Ends: June 30th,2012

Super Aussie Giveaway!

Cate Ruby - Fudge * 
Cate Ruby - Midas Touch * 
Australis  - Speck-tacular Top Coat
Australis -  Limited Edition 1
Glitter Gal - Light as a Feather
Koala Keyring
Caramello Koala
Clip on Koala
Fuzzy Australia carrybag

* Kindly donated by the lovely Tracey at Cate Ruby
[both Cate Ruby polishes come in beautiful silk carry pouches]

Chi Chi - Bimbo
Chi Chi - California Gurl
Chi Chi - Hissy Fit
Kangaroo Keyring
Caramello Koala
Clip On Koala
Koala Coin Purse

BYS - Quake Blue
BYS UV Reactive - Tension Rising

NYC Color - Feather Boa
NYC Color - Polka Dot
Ulta3 - Confetti
Ulta3 - Sunset Pink
Love Thy Polish Unscented Cuticle Oil
2x Roxby Downs Postcards
Roxby Downs Bumper Sticker
Face of Australia Barbados - You Blue Me Away
Face of Australia Barbados - Let's Go Scuba Diving
Face of Australia Barbados - I Like To Mauve It
Caramello Koala
Clip On Koala
Kangaroo Coin Purse

To enter
Ends: June 29th,2012

nail Junkie giveaway

Ends: June 29th,2012

Miranda's Makeup giveaway

  • Wet n Wild Mini polish set
  • Sinful Colors Nail polish in shade Cinderella
  • Wet n Wild fast dry nail polish
  • 2 Revlon Matte eyeshadows
  • Julep Nail Appliques
  • imPRESS press on manicure
  • 4 Sally Girl Mini polishes
  • NYC palette
  • essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in shade Nude Candy
Ends; July 4th,2012

Too Faced giveaway, ends: June 30th,2012

1 - Full Size Candlelight Glow Powder
• 1 - Glamour to-go Palette
• 1 - Lava Gloss Liner - Brown
• 1 - Mascara Sample (either lashgasm or lash inject - winners DO NOT have choice.)

Rabi Makeup Glitz Giveaway: Ends: june 30th,2012

First Prize : 
Oriflame Pure Color Lipstick
Oriflame Pure Natural Organic Mask
Oriflame OBI Kajal Eyeliner
Oriflame Pure Color Mono Eyeshadow
Oriflame Essentials Fairness Soap

Second Prize : 
Naturals Hands and Body Cream
Naturals Shower Gel
Naturals Body Lotion 

Naked 2 giveaway, ends: June 21st,2012

Gold cuff: giveaway Ends: June 19th,2012

Win A GOLD cuff in this international giveaway!

Sami Spoon giveaway! Ends: June 29th,2012

2 Circle lenses provided by MukuCHU
2 Hair bows provided by Sincerely, Maeko
2 Hair bows provided by Lucky Cupcake Hairclips
Popcorn Amorissimi necklace provided by Di Depux
Soda bottles bracelet provided by Randomeyes Boutique

Delicious Summer collection by SweetPea and Fay
"All the boys love Betsey" lipgloss by Urban Decay
Tote bag, Diary, Badges and Stickers by Lazy Oaf
Mini/sample eyeshadow trio by Versace 
Dolly Wink replica eyelash case
Mini lipgloss phone charm
10 pairs of false eyelashes
Plush Tofu phone holder
Faux Fur Tail keychain
Oreo shaped mirror
Velcro hair grip bow
W♥C Postcards

2 Circle lenses provided by MukuCHU
Hair bow provided by Sincerely, Maeko
Hairs Plexiglass brooch provided by Di Depux
Hair bow provided by Lucky Cupcake Hairclips
French Fries necklace provided by Randomeyes Boutique

Commando Mineral Eyeshadow by SweetPea and Fay
Notebook, Badges and Stickers by Lazy Oaf
"Chicago" lipgloss by Urban Decay
Mini lipgloss phone charm
10 pairs of false eyelashes
Plush Tofu phone holder
Oreo shaped mirror
Velcro hair grip bow
W♥C Postcards

Friday, 15 June 2012

Beauty and the cheap giveaway: July1st, 2012

Click on the picture above!

Summer Princess giveaway: 7/7/2012

Click on The Picture Above!

The Prizes
Circle Lens:Cinderella Pink
Whitening Soap:Orange
Canmake Powder Cheek:Peach Pink
A Pair of Eyelashes
12 Plus Lip Gloss
Nail Deco Set
Pan Demacare Skin Treament Set
Pink Polka Ribbon
Flower Earrings
Seashell Keyholders

Dream Makeup Giveaway: 21/7

Click on the picture to participate!